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Explore our wide range of tour carefully picked by our experienced staff to ensure your wonderful experience.

  • Tours On Tamborine

    Tours On Tamborine

    Tours on Tamborine specialise in Wineries but can also customise a tours with pick up and drop off from Camelot. Tours are well priced and offer choices of: Wineries, Attractions, Wedding Groups, Airport transfers, and coastal visits/theme parks. Call David McPhee on 0438174631 or 5545 0528

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  • Discover Tamborine Mountain VIC

    Discover Tamborine Mountain VIC

    This website contains huge files of information on and about the Mountain and things to see and do. Originally a physical visitor information centre DTM VIC is now a virtual VIC maintaining its information files and offering the very best advice to tourists. At every turn you will encounter...

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  • Tamborine Mountain Visitor Centre

    Tamborine Mountain Visitor Centre

    The Tamborine Mountain Visitor Centre has maps, local guides and a directory for surrounding businesses. Our volunteer workers are very knowledgable about the mountain and will assist you in every way.

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  • Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves

    Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves

    This is an experience on Mt Tamborine to pay to see a colony of glow worms living in controlled conditions. The 1/2 hour tour will take you on a journey to experience the glow worm world. Learn about the Glow Worm and how the man made cave was created in 2004 in a short audiovisual...

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