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Floods – What floods? Cyclones – Where?

The recent floods and cyclone Yasi have taken a heavy toll on Queensland and many Mt Tamborine residents volunteered to join in the Brisbane clean up and call for ‘tradies’. Donations from Mountain fund raising events have also been very generous as was the donation from the local Chamber of Commerce. Our sympathies are with all those directly affected.

HOWEVER, One of the casualties of the natural disasters has been tourism for hundreds of kilometres along the coast line and especially on the Gold Coast and Hinterland. Contrary to media misinformation, the Gold Coast and the Hinterland received no flooding and it is business as usual on Mount Tamborine. ALL tourism facilities and attractions are open yet tourism business levels in some instances are down by 60%. Cancellations ‘due to floods’ were rife yet we also received many past guests from Brisbane whose ‘cars in the basements of their apartment blocks’ were about to go under water and booked to stay on the mountain for a few days while the floods came and went.

Frustration boiled up with several tourism businesses emailing ‘Sunrise’ on channel 7 to ask them to get their facts right and stop making so many generic statements such as “75% of Queensland is underwater” and Cylone Yasi will hit Queensland and destroy all in its path”.

Business as usual? We can only hope it may be so!

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